The Clean Carpet Guys’ Method

Full-service Home Care

We use Hot Water Extraction for our cleaning. Other methods may be acceptable but Hot Water extraction is the method recommended by most carpet manufacturers. A full carpet cleaning includes all of the following:

    • Prep Work

      • Detailed Walk Through Inspection – includes a detailed quote and an explanation of the process
      • Home Protection – we take steps to protect your walls and other areas of your home
      • Rake Traffic Areas – a special carpet “rake” is used to loosen the soil and lift the carpet fibers for better cleaning
      • Vacuum – ensures maximum soil removal before chemicals and any water touch the carpet
      • Move Furniture – we carefully move and replace couches, chairs, tables, small cribs and beds, and other basic objects
    • Cleaning

      • Pre-spray Detergent – different products are used depending on your carpet
      • Pre-spray Grooming – a carpet rake is used to work the detergent into all faces of the carpet fibers
      • Hot Water Extraction and Rinse – 190° water is used to remove all dirt from your carpet
    • Post-Cleaning

      • Drying – dry times are drastically reduced by the use of air movers throughout your home
      • Post-Grooming – your carpet is raked again providing a pleasing look helping to reduce dry time
      • Post-Inspection – we walk through your home to ensure the work has been performed to your satisfaction

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